Editorial Positions

Here is information about the editorial positions I hold/held:

Semigroup Forum – Editor, 1976–2022.
Semigroup Forum was founded by the Tulane mathematicians A. H. Clifford, Karl Heinrich Hofmann and Paul S. Mostert in 1970 as the first journal devoted to the theory of semigroups and to its applications. It is published by Springer Verlag (New York, Heidelberg, Berlin).

Theoretical Computer Science – Editor.
TCS is devoted to research in the theoretical aspects of computer science. It is published by Elsevier Science Publishers (Holland). If you wish o submit a paper to TCS, you should go to the TCS web site, where you will find instructions about how to submit papers for publication in the journal. During the online submission process, you will be asked to name an editor who you wish to handle your submission. You can name one, or else the Editor-in-Chief for the relevant part of TCS will assign one for you. 

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science – Founding Editor, 1995 — 2020.
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science was founded in 1995 to utilize the World Wide Web to disseminate the proceedings of conferences, lecture notes and topical monographs more efficiently and rapidly than the print media allow. ENTCS was published as an open access platform using the facilities of Elsevier Science B. V., and under its auspices. In late 2020, Elsevier ceased publishing the series. Elsevier has committed to maintain the legacy archive consisting of 354 volumes, each representing the proceedings of a meeting focused on theoretical computer science.

Semantics Column for SIGLOG Newsletter I am the editor of this series of columns, and I am always interested in proposals to write a column for the series. The goal is to provide SIGLOG members with articles describing advances in semantics and related areas. Please email me if you are interested in writing a column.